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Milan  Milan is the capital of the homonymous province and of the Region Lombardy. According to Italian commune for number of inhabitants is the unit of the first urban area and of the first urban area of Italy.
 The town occupies a flat zone in the west part of the region Lombardy and is wet from the Olona, from the Lambro from the Seveso. Milan is crossed from varied artificial channels that the Large Fleet, the Pavian Fleet, the Fleet of the Martesana, the Vettabbia and the Redefossi. It is found to 25 km to east of the river Ticino, to 25 km to west of the adda, to 35 km to north of the Little and to 50 km to south of the lake of Como and of the boundary swiss.
 The coat of arms of the Commune of Milan is constituted from a white shield or silver, to that a red cross is superimposed; the shield is surmounted from a black crown or gold. Everything is contained to the wide from a branch of laurel and one of oak, bound together from a tape flag.

 The town of Milan is the first one between the 27 town decorated with Medal of gold like "Benemerite of the national Revival", for extremely patriotic actions finished from the town in the period of renaissance (meant from the reigning House of the Savoia like the comprised period included between 1848 and 1918).
 Milan and between the Town decorated to the Military Valor for the War of Liberation; honored some Medal of gold to the Military Valor for the sacrifices immediately of its population and for its activity in the partisan Resistance during the Second World War.
 Milan was been based on from the Celtic population of the Insubri, a likely native tribe, that had done part in period protostoric of the culture of Golasecca. The foundation became handed according to the tradition down in the story of Tito Livio and taken again in medieval period from Bonvesin the Shore says in the Says Magnalibus city Mediolani, around 600 to. C. to work of the rooster Belloveso, grandchild of the sovereign of the Roosters Biturigi that it is installed in the means of the plain, defeating the previous etruscan populations. Milan

 After it had been the most important town of the Roosters Insubri, in 222 BC. become gained from the Romans, later on to a harsh siege post from the Comfort Gneo Cornelio Scipio Bald and Mark Claudio Marcello. The conquest was clashed from the come down of Annibale to which the local population is allied. It was alone in the first years of II century BC. that the Insubri and the Boi subdued to the Roman domination.

 The "economical" capital of the Italy offers a lot of attractions for the visitor, not only from the just point of view economical and social, but also aesthetic. Alternate it of complex and different cultures stratified and supported it a to the other it did of Milan one of the places more interesting of all Italy.

 Milan is divided in 20 different zones that you are identified numerically from the commune. Each of these zones played its role in the development and in the story of the town, from the historical center until San Siro.
 Milan is an important shopping center and industrial to international level beyond that to be the greater Italian pole for the services and tertiary, the finances, the fashion, the publishing and the industry. It is besides seat of the Bag values, and is a large pole of attraction for the administrative seats of tens of multinational. It is one of the greater university centers, editorials and television of Europe. It is seat of the pole fieristico with the greater surface espositiva of Europe.
 The historical center note, incorporates the district of the most well-known fashion to the world after those of Paris and New York, he Castle Sforzesco symbol of the town together to the Cathedral, the glorious Square of the Scala and a lot other aerial of historical interest. Its center accommodates also important cultural centers and of studies like the Catholic university, State, Bocconi and the Polytechnic, the seats of mattering national newspapers and of houses publishers, as well as the most important palace of the work to the world, the Scala.